Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why Not A Major?

Coming up a name for the group is no easy task. As company name determines consumer's perception, choosing the right name is crucial (you guys remember the brand Kicap ABC?). Erwin immediately rooted for ‘Beethoven Studio’ (again his thing for music). Stella suggested 3 + 1 or is it 1 + 3 (sexist! lol!). We were hoping of searching for a name which brings about the impression of quality. I was wandering myself: Symphony? Chords? Music Scale (Ok, Erwin’s not the only one who had a thing :P )Yeah!!! Music scale like A major, E minor, F major.

“So why A minor? Why not A major? What is the significant in the name you pick?” Dr. Neo Mai asked. “None, It just sounds nicer, LOL”

Hmmm...sounds catchy thou.

:)Jeremy Song

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