Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chess Pieces(Status): SET

A few days back the groups were instructed by Dr. Neo Mai to create a flow chart for the project so as to ease the story board implementation.The problem is we were still unsure about the progress of our story!!!Haha.But thanks to the sudden need to submit the flow chary that we finally make up our mind on the progress.Life seems much easier now :)

Groups speculating other groups flow chart.
(A very wonderful way to steal ideas)

We were also taught by Dr. Neo Mai on the departments that we need to divide ourselfs into for the project. The group leader have to make sure that his or her members really complete their task in a specific timeline which she said is the reason for making the leader appear 'unpopular' at the end of the day. Hmm being a leader is tough(Luckily I'm not :P)

Hmm... will our group leader become
unpopular at the end of the day?

-Jeremy Song

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Octave Dreamers

Now that the banners done,Erwin himself has design 2 logos for A minor studio,we need to decide on just one.

Hmm I wander what intense discussion was going on during the process.

The making of the logo(self-debate mode):
Erwin:Let's design at least 2 logos and later pick the best.

After carefully speculating, the 2nd logo seems much unique.I just add a little spell and Wala!

Behold!!!The Chosen one.

-Jeremy Song

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Monochrome Dreamers

The making of the banner(self-debate mode):
: Hey, why don’t we design a banner for our blog?
: Really?
: Yeah.
: Cool!!!
: Ok, So how exactly do you start an A Minor Studio banner from scratch?
: Get the A minor scale picture of course.Jeremy: Ermm, the image look so plain with just the clef treble and empty ledger lines -b-o-r-i-n-g. Why can’t A minor have flats or sharps symbols in it just like the other scales which is like so much cooler?

Jeremy: Coz for A minor scale, you don’t have to program a fix note to be sharp or flat.
Jeremy: That’s a rhetorical question, you idiot. But of course, I would have prefer a better group name over the scale, thus alas.

[Add Image]

Jeremy: Ok next we need a theme-matching backdrop.
Jeremy: Like?
Jeremy, HELLO,the traditional music score thingy.
Jeremy: Oh ya ar. Hey, why not add an Easter egg?
Jeremy: What sort?
Jeremy: Why don’t we search for a music score that’s related to a game, you know like One Winged Angel(Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth’s theme)!!!Yeah picked that!
Jeremy: Sure, but no one’s going to read the score.
Jeremy: That’s why its call an Easter egg, DUH.

[Add Backdrop]

Jeremy: Oklar, Now the easy part, the fonts.

[Adding fonts]

Jeremy: OMG, now only finish?(no kidding)
Jeremy: Yoular, so fussy about the fonts. Just pick anything will do.
Jeremy: You don’t just pick any fonts, it must be suitable with the theme with the right environment and…arhhh why do I even bother rationalize with you.
Jeremy: So what’s the color that you want?
Jeremy: Just make it brown, you know like those aged historical manuscript.
Jeremy: Hey I think monochrome would be better.
Jeremy: Like all brown isn’t monochrome?
Jeremy: I meant black and white, you brown-minded!
Jeremy: Why black and white?
Jeremy: Hello!!! This is what we called a ‘modern taste’. You want people who read this to think they are some kind of old genera…
Jeremy: OK!!OK!! Whatever ‘excites’ you.
Jeremy: Done!!
Jeremy: Upload and see.


Jeremy: You see!!! The banner is to short in length, you and your ‘perfect’ measurements.
Jeremy: Just add something at the side, like a guitar. Improvise for goodness sake.
Jeremy: I would go for a saxophone.
Jeremy: Whatever ‘excites’ you.
Jeremy: That’s my line, you photostat copy!

-Jeremy Songs

p.s.: No, I wasn’t trying to portray heroes' Ali Larter.

Meeting #1

Date 10 July 2007

Discuss the following criteria of the application
A photo session for the blog

1. The Job Distribution
Currently, we are distributing job based on each of our ability. We have 3 major sections: design, application and sound. Design includes Character Design and Image Illustrating. Application is the core of the application, working with Macromedia Director. It consists of interface, game coordinating, content coordinating; basically the flow of the whole multimedia application. Sound is background music, sound effect, voice over.

2. Title of the Application
We still need to come out with a title for the application. We works on the topic, Malaysia's Pasar Malam. However, the name of the application can be different. Jeremy suggested to come up with the name from puns.

3. Teaser
Teaser Trailer for our application was first suggested by Jeremy. We agree to make a short preview for the application; our studio logo animation and some characters design.

4. Drawing Style
We have chosen a drawing style. It is simple and neat. Stella has given us a glimpse of the art and continues to illustrate the next one.

5. Menu
A menu has been decided. It may contain button for Start, Teaser, The Making of..., and Credits.

6. Interface
The interface is delayed until the next round, as long as we are familiar with Director’s capability and usage.

7. Application flow chart
A simple flow chart has been making into draft, but barely resembles what the application should be. This draft will be enhancing overtime.

8. Content Catagory
Content category is what we will have for our content in our application. It has been decided to have 5 categories. As far as suggested, cultural clothes, foods, fruits, fortune teller.

9. Screen Writing
Jeremy has roughly told us a synopsis of the story. However, any script, dialog, or storyboard is still unavailable.

10. Sound
We decided our resources for the background music and sound effect. We are currently searching for voice editing program.

11. Game Design
The game design was unable to come out with any clear picture due to our lack of understanding of Director. However, we will first to come out with a game design draft.

12. Credit Rolls
This is decided to be the last step to do. However, we need to keep track of the application resources to give credits.

These criteria will be discussed and monitored during the entire project makings. Additionally, we will have to further make improvement of our progresses. This Friday (13 July 07) need to submit individual report, so as Week 7 (03 August 2007) to submit an official second report.

^_____^ Erwin Goh

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why Not A Major?

Coming up a name for the group is no easy task. As company name determines consumer's perception, choosing the right name is crucial (you guys remember the brand Kicap ABC?). Erwin immediately rooted for ‘Beethoven Studio’ (again his thing for music). Stella suggested 3 + 1 or is it 1 + 3 (sexist! lol!). We were hoping of searching for a name which brings about the impression of quality. I was wandering myself: Symphony? Chords? Music Scale (Ok, Erwin’s not the only one who had a thing :P )Yeah!!! Music scale like A major, E minor, F major.

“So why A minor? Why not A major? What is the significant in the name you pick?” Dr. Neo Mai asked. “None, It just sounds nicer, LOL”

Hmmm...sounds catchy thou.

:)Jeremy Song

A More 'Intro-like' Intro.

It’s been days since the first post (Report no.1) but what’s lacking in here is a proper intro to this whole project .Well just take this post like the intro which appears only after a sneak preview of the story at the beginning for an epic movie.

Where shall will begin? Hmm…MMM2013 Interactive Multimedia: it began when the online registration starts activating…wait that’s too far back…Ok, class begins at 2.30(suppose to be 2.00pm but changed coz it’s Friday)our lecturer, Dr, Neo Mai starts explaining the course outline, the project for our course.You are to design a CD-ROM application based on your research on the theme "Malaysian Culture". This CD-ROM application must be multimedia-oriented and follow the design criteria that you have gathered from your research.

This is one of the criteria: 2.Each team will create a blog site of their work progress which will be monitored by the Lecturer/Coordinator of the class. The URL for the blog must be submitted in Report #1.

We were like…ok here goes another assignment, but! but!...that was not till she finished explaining for like ‘45 minutes’!!!, we were already lost even before she reached week 7 to-do-list ….that was when we realize this is not just a project it’s a BIG PROJECT (owls eyes in the entire E-theater), not to mention having computer modeling on the same semester its like…falling into a well that’s twice the depth of any imaginary well.

Anyway the inevitable is the inevitable (besides dropping the subject of course), so what topic shall we pick? Now Dr. Neo warned us that every year there will be groups doing the Silat topic so any group wanting to repeat that will have to do better like x(number of times Silat topics used) times better. What adds to the challenge is that it has to be story-oriented; this means if you pick a topic like gasing must find whatever creative means to turn it into a story. I was like wondering: WOW how the heck do we do that??? It was when Dr. Neo Mai start screening the cute Hang Tuah flash thing that our creative juice start brewing (dunno what’s the right verb) So back to the question> what topic shall we pick?

Erwin: Malaysia’s Music (This guy had a thing for music)

Jeremy (me): Food?

Stella: Fruits, Pasar Malam(hmm…)

Fish: Silat (WHAT!!), haha wayang kulit(hmm not bad)

Picking a Malaysian culture topic which could be turned into a story was difficult, in addition choosing topic which will not clash with the other 10 groups.

LOL if you know what place this is.

Ahha!! Pasar Malam!!! A perfect organization with various subtopics within: food, fruit, clothes, etc. and Malaysian mix cultures blended within :) ~sweet. We closed our eyes with relieve for the night…well not exactly; take us sometime to begin the first step and now the hard part: the running.

^^Jeremy Song

Friday, July 06, 2007

First Report

This is our first post for the blog.This is our first report, we are assigned as Group #06. A minor Studio will bring forth more personal information about us! Stay "bookmark"!!

Group Name A minor

Group Member

1051101667 Choo Ann Ze@Stella

1061108373 Erwin Goh Chau Boon

1051100852 Yee Zhe Yik@Fish

1051107606 Song Wai Jin@Jeremy

Main Topic Malaysia’s Pasar Malam

Definition of Pasar Malam (from Wikipedia)

A Pasar Malam is a market in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia that opens in the evening, usually in housing areas. It brings together a collection of stalls that usually sell goods such as fruit, vegetables, snacks, toys, clothes, movie discs and ornaments at cheap, reasonable prices. Pasar malam often open only one to a few days of the week, as the traders rotate around different housing areas on different days of the week. Haggling over prices is a common practice at such markets. Pasar malam are usually held over duration of a day to a week. Pasar malam are usually attended by families as a short outing.

Our Project

Our setting will be Pasar Malam in Malaysia. We regards this topic is a part of Malaysia Culture because this is the place where Malaysian display their goods which they portray different culture. For examples, Malaysia cuisine, cultural clothes, Malaysia fruits.

Proposed Concept:

We will choose specific section in Pasar Malam, such as above example, Malaysia Cuisine, cultural clothes, Malaysia fruits and others.

Aside from the main ingredient to filled out our content. We have planned to add extra features; we will add a story.

The story will focus on agents on a mission. This mission required them to search for the item they want in pasar malam. The story will have a start until the end, including plot twist, climax, etc. Based on the story we provide, we attached them with games.

Additionally, we have already proposed song selection, sound effect, a teaser, and building our studio for the project.

Blog Address http://aminorstudio.blogspot.com/

-Erwin Goh