Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chess Pieces(Status): SET

A few days back the groups were instructed by Dr. Neo Mai to create a flow chart for the project so as to ease the story board implementation.The problem is we were still unsure about the progress of our story!!!Haha.But thanks to the sudden need to submit the flow chary that we finally make up our mind on the progress.Life seems much easier now :)

Groups speculating other groups flow chart.
(A very wonderful way to steal ideas)

We were also taught by Dr. Neo Mai on the departments that we need to divide ourselfs into for the project. The group leader have to make sure that his or her members really complete their task in a specific timeline which she said is the reason for making the leader appear 'unpopular' at the end of the day. Hmm being a leader is tough(Luckily I'm not :P)

Hmm... will our group leader become
unpopular at the end of the day?

-Jeremy Song

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