Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A More 'Intro-like' Intro.

It’s been days since the first post (Report no.1) but what’s lacking in here is a proper intro to this whole project .Well just take this post like the intro which appears only after a sneak preview of the story at the beginning for an epic movie.

Where shall will begin? Hmm…MMM2013 Interactive Multimedia: it began when the online registration starts activating…wait that’s too far back…Ok, class begins at 2.30(suppose to be 2.00pm but changed coz it’s Friday)our lecturer, Dr, Neo Mai starts explaining the course outline, the project for our course.You are to design a CD-ROM application based on your research on the theme "Malaysian Culture". This CD-ROM application must be multimedia-oriented and follow the design criteria that you have gathered from your research.

This is one of the criteria: 2.Each team will create a blog site of their work progress which will be monitored by the Lecturer/Coordinator of the class. The URL for the blog must be submitted in Report #1.

We were like…ok here goes another assignment, but! but!...that was not till she finished explaining for like ‘45 minutes’!!!, we were already lost even before she reached week 7 to-do-list ….that was when we realize this is not just a project it’s a BIG PROJECT (owls eyes in the entire E-theater), not to mention having computer modeling on the same semester its like…falling into a well that’s twice the depth of any imaginary well.

Anyway the inevitable is the inevitable (besides dropping the subject of course), so what topic shall we pick? Now Dr. Neo warned us that every year there will be groups doing the Silat topic so any group wanting to repeat that will have to do better like x(number of times Silat topics used) times better. What adds to the challenge is that it has to be story-oriented; this means if you pick a topic like gasing must find whatever creative means to turn it into a story. I was like wondering: WOW how the heck do we do that??? It was when Dr. Neo Mai start screening the cute Hang Tuah flash thing that our creative juice start brewing (dunno what’s the right verb) So back to the question> what topic shall we pick?

Erwin: Malaysia’s Music (This guy had a thing for music)

Jeremy (me): Food?

Stella: Fruits, Pasar Malam(hmm…)

Fish: Silat (WHAT!!), haha wayang kulit(hmm not bad)

Picking a Malaysian culture topic which could be turned into a story was difficult, in addition choosing topic which will not clash with the other 10 groups.

LOL if you know what place this is.

Ahha!! Pasar Malam!!! A perfect organization with various subtopics within: food, fruit, clothes, etc. and Malaysian mix cultures blended within :) ~sweet. We closed our eyes with relieve for the night…well not exactly; take us sometime to begin the first step and now the hard part: the running.

^^Jeremy Song

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