Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meeting #1

Date 10 July 2007

Discuss the following criteria of the application
A photo session for the blog

1. The Job Distribution
Currently, we are distributing job based on each of our ability. We have 3 major sections: design, application and sound. Design includes Character Design and Image Illustrating. Application is the core of the application, working with Macromedia Director. It consists of interface, game coordinating, content coordinating; basically the flow of the whole multimedia application. Sound is background music, sound effect, voice over.

2. Title of the Application
We still need to come out with a title for the application. We works on the topic, Malaysia's Pasar Malam. However, the name of the application can be different. Jeremy suggested to come up with the name from puns.

3. Teaser
Teaser Trailer for our application was first suggested by Jeremy. We agree to make a short preview for the application; our studio logo animation and some characters design.

4. Drawing Style
We have chosen a drawing style. It is simple and neat. Stella has given us a glimpse of the art and continues to illustrate the next one.

5. Menu
A menu has been decided. It may contain button for Start, Teaser, The Making of..., and Credits.

6. Interface
The interface is delayed until the next round, as long as we are familiar with Director’s capability and usage.

7. Application flow chart
A simple flow chart has been making into draft, but barely resembles what the application should be. This draft will be enhancing overtime.

8. Content Catagory
Content category is what we will have for our content in our application. It has been decided to have 5 categories. As far as suggested, cultural clothes, foods, fruits, fortune teller.

9. Screen Writing
Jeremy has roughly told us a synopsis of the story. However, any script, dialog, or storyboard is still unavailable.

10. Sound
We decided our resources for the background music and sound effect. We are currently searching for voice editing program.

11. Game Design
The game design was unable to come out with any clear picture due to our lack of understanding of Director. However, we will first to come out with a game design draft.

12. Credit Rolls
This is decided to be the last step to do. However, we need to keep track of the application resources to give credits.

These criteria will be discussed and monitored during the entire project makings. Additionally, we will have to further make improvement of our progresses. This Friday (13 July 07) need to submit individual report, so as Week 7 (03 August 2007) to submit an official second report.

^_____^ Erwin Goh

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