Friday, August 10, 2007

Ann Ze's Music Chair #1

Basically after doing the flow chart that was assigned by Dr Mai in class ,we have rough idea about what position each of us holding and the responsibility that we must take control. I was the art director and I was assigned to do the character design and the interface design for the pasar malam. I went to yahoo search find pasar malam image so that I can see how they arrange they stuff and the position of the stalls.I have done some sketches for the character and now try to lean use pen tool in illustrator to do it.i will upload the sketches soon too.

-Stella Choo

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wai Jin's Music Wand #1

Basically I play the part as a plot writer. As this is a story based theme it is very important that the story should be compelling to the user and catchy. From the plots skeleton, I move on to the creation of the script which is basically what makes a story lively. Even in choosing dialogue, it is important that it appears gripping and any cliché phases should be avoided; as to make the whole story stands out.

The story written is basically full with plot twist as to create a mind boggling experience to the user. What’s good working in this group is that the members really showed so much support and faith in you which not only makes things so much easier but also act as the source of motivation.

-Jeremy Song

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Zhe Yik's Music Stand #1

It seems that I will be doing the research part and I understanding quite well about the topic. We will also try to use the criteria from individual report to design our application. Everyone gets along very well. The ongoing process is "quite" smooth. I think that we need more interaction between us, in order to have a clearer picture about what others are doing. Although we have to pass through a lot of hurdles, but I hope we can overcome all the difficulties. I love my group and always prepare to sacrifice for A minor.

-Fish Yee

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Chau Boon's Music Sheet #1

My starting point for this application is planning, lots of planning. As a leader, I did plan ahead before Dr. Mai reminded us what we should do. The thing is, I planned, but not yet discuss about it with the rest of the members.

My actual contribution to the part of application so far is the logo design. It will be used for the splash screen. Thus, I have decided to do the splash screen myself, which I hope to be done soon.

The difficulty

The Graphic Style
Deciding a graphic style is very difficult in our case. Stella did come out with samples; however, I think it should do some adjustment to fit the scene background and story setting. Especially, the characters design to be match with everything around it. We are still work on this one; hopefully we can solve this problem soon.

The Games
I asked Miss Noorazlina about the game design. She said if it is better to work the games on Flash, or perhaps get some flash games from the net. That has becoming a problem. Since we want the user to explore all the games, win the games and collect five prices in five games. I'm not sure how to program the connection with Flash and Director. We will not be given any tutorial about the programming as well. Thus, in this case, we have to practice and learn ourselves.

Contents and Stories
This is probably a concern that only occurs on me. In someway, I'm very worried and anxious that the story somehow cannot blend with the content. I talk to Jeremy about this, and he tells me not to worry; explaining how it works. However, I am still not able to get the picture. Somehow, this is tomorrow's problems. Let just see if it will becoming a problem first.

Lastly, we in a middle of time constrain. All four of us are taking the same subjects. Now, that is including Computer Modeling. As for that subject’s final project, we need to build the internal design of a building from scratch. I hope we can finish the important part of the application before things getting out of hand.

-Erwin Goh