Friday, December 28, 2007

The Twelve Hours Of Christmas Eve

Went back home to Ipoh at 24th to celebrate Christmas and get my aunty and cousins to sign the acting contract. First stop is in One Utama. Been spending a lot of time at the stage area cause it look so cool.

Cute giant toy soldier

They are everywhere


Not all are English thou

There is a performance of the Nutcracker Prince

Was reminded of the awesome cartoon in 1990

Next stop is my aunty's place in PJ, waiting to depart to Ipoh. Little did I know that a fierce war is commencing...

Mechanical vs. the living

The combat coordinator,my cousin's son

An epic movie camera angle

Later, I hope on to my cousin's car and we're off to Ipoh!!

Car journey -2 minutes 20seconds

Car journey-5 minutes 45 seconds

Car journey-10 minutes 12 seconds

Car journey-2 hours 14 minutes 50 seconds

Back in my home waiting for the Christmas party at night

Relatives watching the popular Ah Wong TVB series

I drew this.Haha.


Laksa,Fried mee hoon,Cabonara,Nuggets,Fish balls...Yum Yum :D

And it started with a Christmas song

Aunt playing keyboard with the aid of my cousin

Then theres teh christmas play which goes like this:The narrator reads the story(About the baby Jesus) and he pulls random people from the crowd to sort of like cosplay for the characters.

Efficient dressing procedure

Caesar's messenger

Mary and Joseph being told what to do. Mary seems excited of her expected baby.

A proud mother indeed

The shepherds

Cousin:Angel holder,Me:The lights,My little brother:Angel's voice

King Herod and his Queen
His Queen and King Herod

The king's concubines(oh you notii notii king)

The three wise man(notice the cooking oil)

And the play ended...

Christmas Chilling

Whats Christmas without presents :P

Cousins-contract signed

Cousins-contract signed

Aunties-contract signed

Those folks you usually see in Christmas family movies

Guests behaving young

When the clock strikes twelve

Is this baby doll familiar?

Passed up the final report and the video to the lecturer this morning.ALL DONE!!!


Friday, December 21, 2007

The Lecturer Strikes Back

Wee Hee!!!We have just finished presenting the documentary this morning after completing hours before. To be frank,it's seems completed by 11.30pm, but after some 'minor adjustments' its almost 3am =_= The file isn't compressed to preserve a higher quality video.However, this caused it to reach 1gb in size=_='''

The A minor pose number 4

Presentation feedback:
Mr. Mustaffa:Good job guys,but there are still potential areas for improvement.
Mr. Norman:One thing when I listen to the background music, I can tell that you didn't use the programme I specified to edit your sisters songs(keyboard recording)
Mr. Norman:There's a bit of distortion in the sound when your sister is talking.
Mr. Norman:I don't think that particular part should be included in your sister's script.You should edit it off.

We also had some great time watching other groups' documentary.Some involving, snakes swallowing a rat,ghost hunting expedition and loud shattering noise formed by slowing down the motion of prawn smashing.

The judges encouraged us to do a bit of editing before burning the show in a DVD but we were contented enough(and lazy). Will love to upload the video here's 1gb =_=''''''''''''''''

What's in the left to do list is the DVD burning and some contract signing by the cast.

-Jeremy Song

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deja Work

Its been a busy week.The A minor crew has been working their ASSignment out. The video editing for the documentary take place in A minor 2nd studio.

A Minor Studio-Studio 1

A Minor Studio-Studio 2

Fish expressing his ideas

We bought 3 tapes but manage to use only 1.07 tapes.

Haven't been using tapes for years

Hours of Editing

Hours of Editing

Hours of Editing

Hours of Editing

My favorite part would be editing the cutaways of the video.

Studio Good Luck Charm

In film, a cutaway is the interruption of a continuously-filmed action by inserting a view of something else. It is usually followed by a cutback to the first shot, but not always.For example, if the main shot is of a man walking down an alley, possible cutaways may include a shot of that man's shoes, a shot of a cat on a nearby dumpster, or a shot of a woman watching from a window overhead.

While the four of us were handling the editing,Stella handles the budgeting.

Stella doing paperwork

Fish speculating Stella's work

-Jeremy Song