Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Wonderful World Of A Music Teacher

At last!!!Here is the 5 minute documentary of our previous group production titled 'A Day In The Life Of A Music Teacher', so sit back relax and enjoy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Festival of the piercings devotion

Yeap...It has been one hectic semester for most of the members here in A minor studio...

More exams...
More Assignments...

One of our assignment for Media Post production, required us to create a brief video introduction on a chosen festival...

Joining the Aminorcrew was the FCM duo chics Jane & Rachel...;)

And our chosen festival was none other than the mysterious yet magnificient, traditional celebration celebrated by most Malaysian Tamils...


(actually we had no choice..The lecturer had earlier determined the festivals for each group)

Basically, we were provided the footages...

and our task was to compose them together....

Add some special effects...

And some narrations and text...

and not forgetting the background music


That was the easy part...


We were also required to burn everything into a dvd together
and make a DVD interactive menu...
(those kinds you see in dvd movies..before the movie starts playing)

Sounds easy?

Is easy...

But somehow or rather,
our rendered videos were lagging everytime we tried to burn the dvd...
The members spend the whole night trying to solve this head spinning problem...

And still couldn't solve it...

Ended up handing in two dvds

One with the interactive Menu (and laggy video)
One with the super geng chao ( un-laggy video) yay~

Hopefully, the lecturers have enough common sense to open the gengchao dvd...:(

But all in all...joining forces with the A minor crew was a GREAT experience...
(hopefully to the A minor crew...joining forces with the FCMers was a great experience too...)

Great Job everyone!
Hoping to have future opportunites to work with you guys again...hur hur:3

conducted by...
~Guest Star* Tako
^ o ^~

Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's My Turn

(featuring Kamarul)
A month back, it's another auspicious event for one of the A minor crew members:

On that day we dine at Carl's Jr.!(love the prickles)
Cozy Spot

They'll still accept it if placed in the middle

It's still tempting no matter
how many times you look at it

Those buns are good stuff

Stella thinks she's so funny by snapping this

Then we had our movie session.

Super recomended for action lovers.
Cool matrix-like scenes!

Reach for the sky

Can't get enough of burgers

This came the next day:Sinful Treat-muahahaha

Strawberry Chocolate-woot!

Ready to eat

Still can't get enough of burgers

-Jeremy Song :P

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something Korean

(featuring:Kamarul and Fyz)

The A minor crew together with have a sudden urge on Korean buffet.So we with two guests head to Seoul Garden in One Utama.

First you need to be patient for a moment

Server preparing the gas,why so serious?

You guys know that she's actually a part time model?

Stella in her special pants(I have no idea what is this fashion called)

Vege Vege

Vege Vege

Look at those meat!

Different sauces to choose from

Ah,check out those steam

Stella shocked by the sudden pop

The ice machine~

The self made dessert

More self made dessert

Cook more!!!

-Jeremy Song

Monday, July 21, 2008

Season 3

A minor Studio is back!!!With new challenges for this new subject:Media Post Production.
A Minor is faced with some previous nemesis like Mr.Mustaffa,Mr. Deepak and Mr.Norman(maybe nemesis refers only to the latter,hahahahaha!)

The new mission given is to construct a trailer advertisement thingy based on some local event. In other words to turn some super boring thing to something that seems cool and exciting by deceiving means.But before that, we have to form a new group of 6 so two new members are recruited.They are....

Yeo Sue Jane[likes the phrase 'awesome~']


Rachel Loh Sook Yee[currently using two monitors]

Looking forward to working with these 'two' 'awesome' people ^^

-Jeremy Song

Sunday, May 18, 2008

That 20s Show


Few weeks back our Creative Expression lecturer had issued us with a 'sudden task' of visiting a Kraftangan Exhibition to do some research on some of Malaysian's crafts.

Tea Set



Dining Set


Sewing Machine











-Jeremy Song