Friday, December 21, 2007

The Lecturer Strikes Back

Wee Hee!!!We have just finished presenting the documentary this morning after completing hours before. To be frank,it's seems completed by 11.30pm, but after some 'minor adjustments' its almost 3am =_= The file isn't compressed to preserve a higher quality video.However, this caused it to reach 1gb in size=_='''

The A minor pose number 4

Presentation feedback:
Mr. Mustaffa:Good job guys,but there are still potential areas for improvement.
Mr. Norman:One thing when I listen to the background music, I can tell that you didn't use the programme I specified to edit your sisters songs(keyboard recording)
Mr. Norman:There's a bit of distortion in the sound when your sister is talking.
Mr. Norman:I don't think that particular part should be included in your sister's script.You should edit it off.

We also had some great time watching other groups' documentary.Some involving, snakes swallowing a rat,ghost hunting expedition and loud shattering noise formed by slowing down the motion of prawn smashing.

The judges encouraged us to do a bit of editing before burning the show in a DVD but we were contented enough(and lazy). Will love to upload the video here's 1gb =_=''''''''''''''''

What's in the left to do list is the DVD burning and some contract signing by the cast.

-Jeremy Song


auseniale said...

that's a familiar picture =)

Jeremy said...

Indeed,the three female stooges :P