Thursday, December 13, 2007

Food And The City

Well,what did the A minor crew do in Ipoh besides shooting?

The A minor crew besides me:So what's interesting in Ipoh?
So the here's when A minor takes you to the various locations in Ipoh in search for good food!!! =)


Dim Sum from Kao Lee Restaurant


Fried Koay Teow just outside the Stadium

(special guest: Wai Kit)

Indulge ourselves in Indulgence

Nice and expensive cake

Nice and expensive fudge

Nice and expensive mocha

Nice and expensive spaghetti

Another nice and expensive cake

Nice interior

Nice table

Nice glass decor

Nice antic decor

Nice toilet

More nice decor

Nice and mysterious door

This is not nice


Bean sprout Chicken(only remember to snap after finishing =_= )

Always check that your batteries are charged

-Jeremy Song

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