Thursday, December 06, 2007

Here Today,Gone Tomorrow

Date:23,Nov 2007
Location:DR 3010
Scene:Treatment Presentation
Mr.Norman:How are you gonna deal with the camera angles when your aunt plays the piano?
Mr. Norman:Organ.
Me:Well, we're gonna bla bla camera pan bla bla bla close up bla bla(technical stuff)
Mr. Norman:Have you watch that piano movie?The Jay Chou one.
Fish & Stella: I got.
Mr. Norman:Go back and watch it and see the cinematography when he is playing the piano.

Location: Home
Scene:Group meeting
Fish:Heres the movie.
Me:What so nice about the cinematography?
Fish:You watch lar,very geng wan.

Movie title:Secret,refers to a secret manuscript which allows the acceleration of time o.O

Me:..........Its CGI..........we can't do that=_=

Taste like Starbucks and its cheaper :D

Anyway,will be heading back to Ipoh tomorrow with the filming crew for the shooting in my aunt's place.Wish us luck or better,come and support us with pom-poms :P

-Jeremy Song

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