Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The shooting was on 8th December,a Saturday,in Ipoh and we took nearly 9 hours for a 5 minute documentary=_=The shots is taken mostly indoors .Whats troublesome is transporting the camera with the sound mixer each time a scene change.Added to that,the sound must always be tested and adjusted before each take.

Some outside scenes involves the Music Studio where my aunt worked.

Good thing she teach music at her own music room at home makes recording easier.

An interview with my cousin.

My goodness,we loan two huge lights but didn't really know how to adjust and position it; even for Stella who uses nearly 24 in the 3D Studio Max assignment. We ended up using 1 light only ones=_= Wasted some money there.Furthermore,each light uses a bout 800watts so sharing the plugs with other utilities is a no no (black-out).





Yeah,before each take we have to go like:
[hold the clap board(the one with scene bla bla take bla bla)
Sound recordist:Speaking
Director:Roll camera
Director:and...ACTION[remove the clap board]

Yeah this really waste time,plus we have to do this over again if it was a bad take.
And bad take means changing the clap board details.The clap board looks useless until you actually do a shooting.It sort of makes thing easier when we do editing later. SAnd we almost wanna dump that part thinking it's just a fancy tool.Haha.Anyway we use Stella's Digi Fuyoh White pad as the board.Looks kinda cute:)

Our Clap board(forgot to snap a picture of it <_<)

Due to lack of time we rush on some quick interview scenes without much additional takes.By 8pm we're all done =)

and exhausted.

-Jeremy Song

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