Monday, March 03, 2008

Two Roads Diverged In A White City

(featuring:Kamarul,Fyz and Menaka)
This morning, we had individual presentation on Creative Expression subject.We were suppose to present any piece of artwork from the Balai Seni Lukis Art Gallery that we personally 'feel'. Which brings us to *flashback (1 week ago)

Once arrived we quickly head towards the gallery's auditorium room for some expressive performance of some random artist we never even heard of.

The stage for the artist

One of the artist proves to be memorable in his deliverance of a 'sajak'. He withdrew a rolled up scroll from a traditional looking container(probably to give it a authentic and classy feel). He unwraps it and begin reciting in a very passionate and emotional way:

Yang bodoh dikatakan cerdik,
Yang cerdik dikatakan tuli,
Yang kotor dikatakan bersih,
Yang bersih dikatakan kotor,
Yang besar dikatakan kecil,
Yang kecil dikatakan besar,
Yang tinggi dikatakan rendah
Yang rendah dikatakan kecil,
janganlah disongsangkan.

"Excellent speech!"

Bizarre and unique art piece

Guess what building is in the background-it's KLCC,choi!

One of the ancient portraits revealed to have a similarity
in Fiz's face. Talk about long lost descendant!!!

Yeah, if you guys ever heard of this it's still incomplete.

The yet to be 1 kilometer of
representing the world

Later,something very tragic happen that has never occur in the A minor history!The A minor split paths.......just for a few hours :D

Me and Erwin embark to Kuala Lumpur's Pavillion while the rest headed to a concert.Well it's no ordinary concert....

They spent RM398 for this!!!
That's like 4 days of Jogoya food.

So it's just both of us here

Later we had some crazy karaoke sessions in Red Box Plus.We can choose ANY free drink we want from the menu and Erwin ordered ice lemon tea=_=Whens it's just two people you don't have to compete that much who's gonna sing.Haha.

I tell you Erwin can seriously sing, even hitting
Mariah Carey's notes.By the way he's a big fan of hers.

Next stop for us is Starbucks.I ordered some kind of caramel thing; still prefer tea to coffee though.

Erwin chose a good spot to watch movie trailers=_=

Then we headed to Times bookstores just opposite and Erwin got himself some '10000 (not sure if that's the right quantity)question' how to raised cats.Yeah Erwin loves cats too,always calls them 'neko-chan' whenever he sees one.

Then when it's time we proceed for our movie:

Erwin: I like it a lot ,I think it's really nice[9/10]
Jeremy:Nah, typical with cool teleporting-cum-fighting moves[6/10]

When Kamarul picked us up, they were watching another Jay chou tour-dvd in the Toyota Unser =_= Talk about concert's after effects.Oh by the way Erwin lost his voice, yeah I tell you he really really sings!!!

-Jeremy Song

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