Friday, February 15, 2008

Happiness Of The Unmarried

Well,its not that late for this post,there is a number 15 days of Chinese New Year till Chap Goh Mei after all. Here's some random pictures of the A minor crew celebrating in their respective hometowns.

Typical Reunion Scenario

How can you not be happy, it's Chinese New Year!-thats when you get Angpau.

This is just 1/15th of the family

Plain old Erwin, I seeing things?

The back one kinda looked like a Cartoon Network character o.O

Well,I think the mouse isn't going to reply you

Once in a year experience

"Hey would you stop treating me like an interesting species, can't you see I'm wearing shirt and pants like you too?"

Kid:Mummy can I take one home.
Mum:I told you many times,wait till dinner!

This is just...weird

Granddad's gonna take you for a ride

You see crab...

...I see food

You could use your Angpau money for further investment

Feast of the day

"Hey,little girl,why didn't join your cousins play ?"

Girl on chair(probably the leader):"I tell you no more place di.You kenot come.Oni we can fit.Ahahahahha!"

Hey kids gather around,I have a story!(anything to keep them quiet)

It ain't gluttony when it's CNY ;)

Ya,it's illegal but it's like comparing with pirated Cds-Who cares=)

Just one word- Nice marvelous beautiful colors

-Jeremy Song


Heidi said...

hahahahaha.... you see crab I see food. LOL. xD

Btw, I like the fireworks photo. Very nice and the colours of the sunset is so pretty. :3

Aminorstudio said...

Hehe,thx a lot;)

Nicholas said...

love your picture.
btw, "the mouse is not going to reply you" HAHAHA