Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mom:You Can Go To Casino Now.

The 11th March 2008,a Tuesday was an auspicious day especially to one of the the A minor Crew member:

Training and development class:
Jeremy:Miss Intan.
Miss Intan:Yes,need any help?
Stella:Today's Erwins Birthday
Miss Intan:OMG Really?You want do hip hop for us?
Miss Intan:Class,let's sing a Birthday song for Erwin!!!

Towards the ending,almost forgot to record,haha.

Erwin was in such a jolly mood that he proposed to treat us dinner,our choice! So the question is where? Well when we think about food, it's SS2 but when we think about good expensive food its the Curve!! Hehe. It isn't in vain coz Erwin received a good gift from us.
A nice gift box illustrating the tribal 'Abu Family'

Once reached we urge Erwin to unveiled his gift.
It's a portable light glowing gummy toy which can be
charge before use [Lost fan: look at the parking number

Jeremy:Hey, why don't we get the Mariah Carey new album for him?
Fish:It's not out yet.
(in ikea)
Erwin:Wah, this lights so nice eh. I wan buy.
Fish+Jeremy:(bends on lower shelves)
Fish:Hey why don't we get that for him
Jeremy:Good Idea
Jeremy:Hey Erwin I think you should wait for the price to drop.(Yeah, it's kinda expensive)Maybe next month.(It won't)
Erwin:Oh, Ok then.
Fish:Hey I want to go toilet,u all walk first.
(Purchase the good)
Fish:The toilet very nice :D (pass parking ticket to Erwin(who buys some other stuffs too) to receive the free parking privilege.
Jeremy:*psst...Fish,you didn't use the parking ticket when you buy the light just now?
Fish:Make it look more real ma :D

Forgot to snap a close up of the gift=_= but!but! it bears a little resemblance to this creature:
Well, maybe just 50%

We haven decided what to eat till we see this:
Haha what a coincidence it's a Tuesday!
It's a good thing Erwin believes in fate :P
[Lost fan: look at the price below a feet]

Indulge in whatever

When chefs go bored

"This girl eats so much"

Big eater

More big eaters!!!



Inspired by a movie in February 2008

Inspired by a musical movie

Inspired by someone from Fleet Street

Inspired by a demon barber

Inspired by Sweeney Todd

Inspired by Urban Ninja

The A minor crew pose!An impromptu one =_=

The thing about the buffet is that drinks aren't included, so smart of them indeed;so we head to the nearest cheapest grocery :P

Cost Saving Strategy

Next stop,if you're a fan of Erwin's you would've know he sings :D

Erwin's amazing singing was interrupted with
the birthday cake ceremony!
The TV played the birthday song with
the Tomato Man cartoon in it o.O

Woo nice lighting...

Fish keep choosing Hokkien songs, lol!

-Jeremy Song