Friday, May 09, 2008

The Flight Of The Flying Fish

(featuring Penn, Kamarul,
Pik Sum and Zhu Ling)

Singing seems to be the tradition of the A Minor Crew as we once again head to kaorke, Green Box in Cheras.

See the poor girl singing alone there? Reminds me of David Blaine frozen.

But what's the occasion?

Yup A minor Crew is proud to celebrate the birthday another of our member ^^

2 DAYS BEFORE 30th April:
Fish invites you to sing...

Fish is so kind as to spent us for 8 hours of karaoke and buffet!

Soon he received a gift from us.A cute mushroom lamp.
Oops forgotten to snap that :P

1 DAY BEFORE 30th April:
We ate at Samuri Satay Kajang...Yumz~

Here Fish gets another surprise-Secret Recipe Cheese Cake:)

"I wish for Jeremy to be very successful in his life"....:P

With icing

Yes the knife stance used previously in Erwin's Birthday

Photo requested by Stella

Later we had a short outing at the hill top known as 'Little Genting'

As usual Stella insisted on a group picture

Just when you think it's over, we had a group discussion on that night...

He isn't aware of his 2nd present cleverly placed beside him

The awareness...

The excitement!

The pleasure~

The truth was soon revealed that the 1st gift was bought by Stella and Kamarul,while the 2nd gift by me and Erwin=D

Finally a something that I created^^

Smile,hope you had a 'happy' Happy Birthday :D


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