Friday, April 04, 2008


(featuring Penn)
Fish And Penn.But where are they?

The beginning of March was a very meaningful day as The A minor Crew headed to G.A.C.C. event in MMU Malacca!!!

For fans of Anime and Console Games =)

The event begins with one of my favorite songs by YUI.
Check out Mr. Emperor's-new-clothes at the left.

Talented Students.

Card Games


And more!!!

Mr. Elongator


Don't worry thats how she summons.

Another method to summon.

Sakura And Syaoran

Meow, I submit to you my master...

Gundam Fan+Budget Considerations


This is how it looks like when you
paused the Street Fighter game.

We are Symmetry.

Just wear any Japanese school uniform
and you got yourself a cosplay O.0

Looks Like Cheng Ee Kin

I think he's from a PC Game.

This girl wore a bra outside for last year's cosplay.

Ouran High School

The battle between the Shinigamis and the Arrancar

Didn't they said 'Anime'?

Wait, who is that?

Oh my!!!



When Kenpachi make out with Kon

In Creative Studies, we call this 'Unusual Combination".

Grand entrance of some cosplayers =_=

There's also competition for the cosplayers.


Really thinks his laugh is terrible in an impressive way.

King Gyumao!

Fed up of Haruhi Suzumiya

It says 'Lucky Channel'

She mentions selling all kinds of medicines including 'Tongkat Ali'.

Exaggeration =_='''

She's a fair judge but wait till you hear 'his' voice.

Wow!!!My camera's shuttle speed is fast
enough to capture Ichigo's flashstep!

The event is already cool but to make it cooler there's a guest from the anime industry!Masakazu Morita-the guy behind the voice of Tidus(Final Fantasy X) and Kurosaki Ichigo(Bleach)!!!!
Mr. Mori-san

You might not hear it but he said
BANKAI live!!!(priceless)

-Jeremy Song

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