Saturday, January 05, 2008

Scarier Than The Devil Herself

This is bonus for the previous 2007 flashback. Its a video of the A Minor Crew's additional group, Antz Kingdom which is with the collaboration of 3 more members: Naufal, Rita and Zurin. Its a mockumentary video for the Human Resource subject which shows how interview works for a typical modeling agency.It is taken in A minor studio itself.A word-it is shot using a normal digital camera so don't expect too much of a quality :P And everything is impromptu :-O

Rita Wears Stiletto
Yeah you know where we got the name from:P

The video is edited by Erwin with his favorite choice of songs.

-Jeremy Song

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Darthy said...

er... so how do i contribute to this symphony? ~LAAAAAAAA!!!~ ~LOOOOOOO!!!~ MEEEEERRRRRRIIIII CHREEEEEZMAAAAAASS!!!!~~~ (*failed opera alto*)

erm.... at least i tried?