Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Year After Tomorrow

(special guest:Kamarul)
Just after the puzzling and enigmatic Operating System exam in the morning,the A minor crew has plans for the new year to celebrate the many success of the studio.The crew decided to head to the Curve with a guest,the driver himself :P

Loves S.H.E.

Always park your car in IKEA coz you could get the parking for free just by purchasing the ever popular RM2 mini doll - elephant, lion, sotong.(used to be RM1 thou)

but Erwin choose to purchase carpet with the aid of his mum(phone)

When you became obsessed with OPRAH

Spotting the difference

Spent 20 minites cleaning the wool of his shirt after that

Doing the David Blaine thing

This is just a candid shot
-something very Bollywood about him

We were wondering where did the
fourth member disappeared to =_=

Then we only head to The Curve.

The south entrance looks so warm

Thats right,I step pass the fence :D

When we stepped through the pathway,we were surprised...

It was snowing

Real snow

It was like magic

We were very craving for some smile-putting-dinner,so we chose...

That's right,the super cheap market,Marche

Fresh vegetables

Cooking some potato thingy

Cold beverages

Erwin:I shall treat you guys this pizza

Was shocked by the offer

Notice there are two posers

If you notice carefully you can see me-
No I am not kidding!!!

Convenient facilities

After that, we took a little stroll.

It is 31st December after all

Next stop is where the event takes place,between The Curve and IKEA (they block the road)

Babies always have the best view

Lion Dance(It's New Year but not Chinese New Year)

Other then the lion dance, there is also a live performance by Zainal Abidin who Erwin and I in the past was mistakenly thought as Mawi [Mr. Norman: I've been working with stars like Mawi,you know Mawi?-this goes on for weeks]
And then the countdown begins...

10(featuring flashbacks)



7(This was one of the scary ones)


5(Esther Siow)


3(Check out Wang Ying)


1(Antz modeling agency-don't ask)

Woo Hoo!!!

A Minor Crew wishes all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
(well someones gotta hold the camera)

-Jeremy Song


auseniale said...

great post and pictures =D

A Minor Studio said...

Thx deer n for that u shall receive a Starbucks from Elijah ;)

goku said...

Happy New Year...its a blast ter it seems..n wat can be more bollywood ten me?? hehehe...well, i love the pic "there's 2 idiots behind me"...NICE :P can i grab it??

Jeremy said...

Hehe,ya u can grab the guy along with the idiots :P