Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Story So Far

As the clock ticks precisely at 7pm, the sun slowly sets, leaving a surreal blend of orange and red which gradually dissipates in the now dominant dark blue sky. Mobile dots are seen swarming amidst stationary rectangles; which is what it seems to an eagle gliding hundred feet in the air. It is in fact the atmosphere of a typical night market in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Among the many enthusiastic foreigners, our story focuses on a click of 3 Americans now scouting through the area animatedly which such exaggerate reaction indicating their new experience to this night market phenomena. Being as ‘tourists’ as they are, the three just wouldn’t stop exclaiming ‘wows’ and ‘won’t you look at that’ at every single sight. One of them a blond tall man in the age of mid twenties was eyeing his watch when he came to a sudden halt a watch stall. “Yes can I help you?” the shop owner beaming at the tourist with enthusiasm. “I am looking for a new watch” Ashley replied. The shop owner eagerly starts promoting all kinds of fine looking watches but to his surprise the blond guy pointed out an worn out-watch “That watch looks fantastic, I’ll take that” he smiled.

The 3 then hastily scrambled to an isolated corner of the night market. ‘Smash!’ Ashley just smash the watch on the ground like a worthless possession: but there is more then meets the eye. The red hair female then brush aside the debris of the mess and retrieve what appears to be a tiny white bead, its material an obvious difference from the broken pieces. The blond guy then bring about his watch aiming at the object, it beeps as if in confirmation; its no ordinary watch and the white bead is no ordinary bead and all 3 of them weren’t ordinary people. They are people involve in espionage in obtaining secrets from rivals or enemies for military, political, or economic advantage in the service of the American government a.k.a. secret agents....

47 hours ago in the CIA headquarters in Langley, the same 3 ‘tourist’ has been gathered in the meeting room and brief on their discreet mission by the director of the CIA himself, Lionel.

The picture displayed is related to the story(except for the 20-year-old MMU Malacca campus Seremban girl)

For the past few years the country has been under the threats of two different underground organizations, Index and Pandora. Both powerful and influential and whereabouts still unknown, what really poses a threat is the fact that last month, Pandora has proposed to create Eclipse: a highly secretive world-wide signals intelligence and analysis network which allows capture radio and satellite communications, telephone calls, faxes, e-mails and other data streams nearly anywhere in the world and includes computer automated analysis and sorting of intercepts. With such device, the Pandora could easily avoid the CIA from intercepting their underground activity. However, according to reliable resources, in order to complete Eclipse, 6 chips bearing a portion of the program embedded in various objects will be shipped to the states from Asia. Fortunately due to an air pocket, there have been a disaster for the flight and the stash of objects are scattered in Malaysia.

The CIA however has a plan. “We retrieve their chips,” said Ashley, the young blond man.

-Jeremy Song

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